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Dress Code



No shirts, jackets, dress apparel, accessories, shoes, personal belongings, or school property displaying or advocating profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, gang membership or affiliation, violence, advertising or promoting the use of illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, bigotry (including racial power or supremacy), promiscuity or anything that is sexually suggestive.

The following is a list of materials that are considered inappropriate for school: Eight ball, Rolling Hard, South pole, Nor Cal, Vatos Locos, Sol Beer, Joe Camel shirts, domestic or foreign beer, alcohol shirts or jerseys.


 dress_code2.jpg  dress_code3.jpg  dress_code1.jpg
 dress_code13.jpg  dress_code4.jpg  dress_code12.jpg


No bandanas, hair nets, hats, beanies etc.

No spaghetti straps or any strap less than 1", short shorts or mini skirts, low cut under garments, strapless or off the shoulder tops, bare midriff, see through shirts, tube tops or halter tops.


 dress_code6.jpg  dress_code7.jpg dress_code5.jpg


No all red or all blue belts. No belts or suspenders hanging down or dragging. Pants cannot be sagging.

No monogram or lettered belt buckles or gang-related belt buckles.

No all red or all blue T-shirts. No red or blue shoe laces.


 dress_code8.jpg  dress_code9.jpg
 dress_code11.jpg  dress_code10.jpg


Head coverings will not be worn inside buildings or during instructional time and hat bills may only face forward or backward.

Tattoos that advertise or promote gang activity or affiliations, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, bigotry, promiscuity or overt sexuality must be covered up.

Sunglasses may not be worn indoors without a note from physician or school administrator.

No more than one article of red or blue clothing, including shoes and /or accessories.

No felted tipped markers, matches, lighters, lighter fluid, laser pens, skateboards, scooters or other items that disrupt the educational environment.

If there is any doubt as to whether the students attire meets the dress code standards, the attire will be reviewed by administration.

The site principal or designee shall have final authority in case of dispute on these issues, but all school personnel shall be responsible for reporting violations in a consistent and impartial manner.

The following are examples of appropriate dress for school.


 dresscode14.jpg  dresscode15.jpg  dresscode16.jpg
 dresscode21.jpg  dresscode20.jpg  dresscode19.jpg